Top 8 tips to make sure you don’t lose your keys

You’re in a rush to zoom out of the house to get to work, dinner or an important meeting. You grab your phone, wallet, and purse, and just as you’re about to head out and lock the doors and start the car you can’t find your keys. We’ve all been there, and nothing can be more frustrating & time consuming than being late from losing your keys which means you will have to contact your local locksmith. Misplacing our keys is an everyday norm for us Australians, so we have done you the favour of putting together some of best tips to ensure you never lose them again.


  1. Have a designated spot

Not everyone has a designated spot for their keys. There are many ways to making your keys a home, so you always know where to find them. Wall mount a keyholder, purchase a key tray, or even a place near the front door on your foyer table. Stay consistent with always placing your keys in the one spot, and you’ll never have to search for them again.


  1. Paint your keys

It sounds silly, but having a vibrant, painted key will ensure you never lose sight of such a key. If you can find glow-in-the-dark paint, even better! It’ll catch your eye at any time of the day.


  1. Digitally track your keys

The tech world is moving at a rapid pace, and if you’re wanting to keep up there are many places you can find gadgets to place on your keys to find them. Somewhat like a ‘find my phone’ application, except for your keys. Hopefully, you don’t lose your phone as well. This doesn’t have to be a GPS tracker; it could be Bluetooth enabled fob that beeps for you to track it down.


  1. Get a key ring

You’d be surprised how many people don’t have keyrings on their keys. It is much harder to find one key over a set of keys all attached to one key ring. It is the simplest yet most effective way to never lose your keys again.


  1. Make spare copies

We highly suggest finding a place to make a spare copy of your keys if you haven’t already. Place the spare copy in a place you know you will find it again; we don’t want you to lose the spare copy too. Another option is to give the spare to a trusted friend or family member.


  1. Retrace your steps

This is often easier said than done, however retracing your steps will most likely help with the cognitive lapse you have just experienced from losing your keys. Take a moment, breathe, you know where it is.


  1. Declutter

You can do all the above, but the second you have clutter in and around the house your keys will be further hidden in between it all. Once your home is more organised you will be able to search and find your keys easier.


  1. Talk out your actions

Once we take a moment to narrate out each of our actions this will often be stored in our short-term memory and our subconscious mind, meaning when we lose our keys again it will come to us easier about where we last stored them.


We can guarantee if you take any of these tips into consideration you will never lose your keys again, well maybe not never but you will be way more organised so hopefully you won’t lose them. So I guess we can also agree that there is that odd occasion where your keys do go walkabouts. If this does happen please feel free to contact us to assist you with all your ‘key’ needs.