Best Places on Where to Leave Your Spare Set of Keys Just in Case You Lose Your Main Ones

People lose their keys from time to time. Considering the normalcy of losing main keys, it would be best if you had a spare key stored somewhere you can easily access it in case you lose your main key. But you can’t just hide the spare key under the house plant or the door mat because these are the first place an intruder will check.

If you’re planning to hide or leave your spare keys somewhere, you can get them easily and quickly. You should ensure that the keys are absolutely safe there. You certainly wouldn’t want intruders to access your house or car.

We’ve put together a list of places where you can leave your spare keys so that you don’t feel stranded if you ever lose your main keys.



Leave Spare Keys with a Trusted Neighbor

Leaving a set of spare keys with a neighbor who you trust is the most convenient and safe place. You can simply grab your spare keys from the neighbor if you get locked out of your house or drop the main keys somewhere and can’t find a locksmith at the time. Leaving a set of spare keys with a neighbor also offers a sense of peace that if your kids arrive home before you, they can get the spare keys and get into the house.


Keep the Spare Keys in a Car Keytainer

You can install a keytainer, which is like a lockbox to store keys in your car or somewhere on your property to store spare keys. If you ever realise that you’ve dropped the main keys somewhere, you can always grab the set of spare keys stored safely in your car. This way, the spare keys will always be easy to find when need be.


Hide Spare Keys in a Doghouse

Yes we are serious! If you’ve got a dog, keeping spare keys in the dog house is a good way to keep them accessible yet away from sight. A doghouse isn’t a common place for storing keys, so you don’t need to worry about burglars finding them when you aren’t around. Just don’t let the dog know where you place itas it may become lunch!


Store Spare Keys in a Locker Away from Sight

You can install a safe locker somewhere that’s too visible. Installing a locker on your front porch is a bad idea as it might make any intruder suspicious about what might be inside. You can install a locker somewhere in the backyard or garden shed and store a set of spare keys there. Away from sight, yet easily accessible, which is precisely how it should be with spare keys!

Keeping spare keys somewhere safe offers peace of mind that if you ever lose your main keys, you won’t find yourself locked out of your house. Just make sure whatever option you choose, you’re absolutely sure you aren’t compromising on your safety.

However, if you’re looking for a reliable locksmith who can help you regain access to your house or replace the locks, you should get in touch with us. We’ve got the best and most trusted local locksmiths on board!